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Professional Building Inspections Auckland From The Local Experts

Home buyers, commercial property buyers, investors, vendors, and property managers all need building inspections Auckland at one time or another. This is an important, if not critical, step in making certain that a home or other property is ready for use. Trusting this service to a contractor outside of the local area could be a mistake. Trusting it to the local Auckland professional inspectors with expert knowledge about buildings in the area is in order.

One of the most competent teams of inspection professionals in Auckland is available at Jim’s Building Inspections. They offer a range of services including asbestos or handover inspections. No matter what type of inspection is needed, the team at Jim’s has the experience, the local knowledge and the latest tools to handle a quick, comprehensive job. Written reports are available in 24 hours and they never contain any difficult jargon to wade through – just simple, plain English.

Hire the building inspections Auckland experts before you move into a newly built home or before you begin renovations on your existing home. Before doing any maintenance, hire Jim’s for an asbestos inspection. Handover inspections are another type of service to get before moving to a new build.

Building inspections Auckland are highly recommended. Trust the work to those who have the expertise to thoroughly handle any type of building in the area. They understand all the systems, designs and products used in New Zealand buildings. They are the most capable experts to hire.

They also know the risk of earthquakes and weather that can impact any structure in the area. They know what potential risks to look for and will include recommended fixes in their reports.

Expect a specially designated inspector arriving for duty the day of the job. The company works hard to pre-select the right consultant for your inspection. A commercial or industrial building will get the help of a much different professional inspector than a ready-to-let home.

Inspections are targeted, visual inspections which are done to strict standards. Each inspector is highly qualified, experienced, insured and licensed. They go over the exterior of all buildings and homes as well as the interiors. They inspect foundations, frames, insulation and they check the major systems. Grounds are checked for moisture or leaks both around main buildings and sheds or garages. Fences and retaining walls are also covered. The local building inspections Auckland that are done will help you ensure that all your renovations and builds are done to code and done safely.

Book Jim’s Building Inspectors for a complete and thorough job using the latest moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and sounding devices. Reports are delivered quickly – within 24 hours in most cases. They are easy-to-read and contain straight-forward language without any industry jargon that can confuse you.

Their services are available to anyone needing a residential or commercial inspection. Before doing any renovations or maintenance on the property be sure to hire Jim’s. Get the information you need to do safe and efficient work.